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I’m sure most Singaporeans have heard of Pasta de Waraku and probably herald it as the first Japo-spaghetti/pasta restaurant in Singapore.  It probably is but it can’t fight with the famous Yomenya Goemon (literally means Western Noodle Store, Goemon).

I decided to treat and console myself over the crappy less-than-ideal bonus and pasta has always been a comfort food to me.  Carbs. Lotsa carbs!! Haha…anyway, the menu at Goemon isn’t as lengthy as Pasta de Waraku, which is a good thing because sometimes, having too many choices makes you indecisive.  I opted for their Half-Half Set which is 2 choices of spaghetti and comes with hot soup and a choice between a soft drink or dessert.

To the left is the prawn mentai (MUST TRY) while the right is a tomato-based sauce with minced pork and eggplant.  It was A LOT for me to eat.  Really value for money for the guys, I think.  Taste-wise, I really think that the quality is really good and their ingredients are fresh.  I love how every time (this is my 3rd) I eat at Goemon, the spaghetti is cooked to al dente perfection.  Yums!!  They are quite generous with the mentaiko, which unlike other places, comes as a topping for you to mix into the sauce and spaghetti.  I was very tempted to just scoop it up and eat it as such, so as not to waste any bit of the yummy fish roe.  But I resisted.  🙂  I could do without the lonely pair of mushrooms because that particular type of mushrooms (I suddenly can’t remember the name) tastes bitter if not stir-fried properly.  Would’ve much preferred asparagus or french beans instead.  I need my veg!!

I’ve also tried their soup spaghetti previously and it was a sinful treat as it was cream-based and came with a dollop of Hokkaido butter.  Try that if you’re slim/ have high metabolism rate/ don’t give a flying rat’s ass and just want to taste creamy goodness.

I ordered the macha jelly dessert, which is extremely popular and is usually sold out before their other dessert, which is some kind of chocolate cake.  The bottom is macha (green tea) jelly and is topped with azuki beans, a small scoop of macha ice cream and a biscuit which is as light as a macaron.  Verdict: it’s not the best macha dessert that I’ve eaten before but it certainly ends the meal nicely and cleanses away the oils from the main meal.

Their sets range from $16++ to $20 ++ so I reckon it’s not too bad if you are looking for something that’s mid-range and yet delicious.


  • City Link Mall basement (City Hall MRT, next to Guardian Pharmacy)
  • 313 Somerset, L1 (Somerset MRT, near Trattoria)

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