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My family is all for good food at reasonable prices so, my dad was particularly interested to try the food at ‘Poulet’, a nouveau French restaurant at the revamped Bugis+ (formerly known as Illuma) by Chef Nelson Chua (formerly from Au Petit Salut).  The design of the place is quite cozy in the sense that it doesn’t scream “I am expensive French cuisine!” but yet is chic enough to remind you of some of the bistros along Champ Elysees in Paris.

My dad’s main agenda was to eat their oxtail stew (below). Beautifully presented with a whole carrot nonetheless. 

Taste test – I would’ve preferred the carrot to have been cooked a little longer.  Still had that hardness and rawness which was a clear sign that said carrot was not cooked with the oxtail (boo!).  The oxtail was very soft, falling off the bones, but yet still full of flavour.  Not too bad for around $16 in terms of quality but my dad was still hungry as this comes as is. If you want mashed potatoes or any other sides, you’ll have to order them separately.

French cuisine…just makes you think of escargots and frog legs so OF COURSE, we had to order their escargots.  The odd thing was, this was meant to be an appetizer but it came after my dad’s oxtail.  Anyway, taste-wise…I will stick to the classic garlic and butter.  The chef tried to give it a twist with a tomato sauce but it just doesn’t have the same oomph as garlic with butter.

Ahh…the above is their signature roast chicken (the whole place is called chicken…so no brownie points for guessing their signature dish).  Mum and I shared the whole chicken which comes like that, sitting in a delightful mushroom sauce and topped with spinach.  For $28.80, this is definitely more worth it compared to the oxtail.  The sauce was really really good but the chicken itself didn’t impress me.  It was cleaned out mainly because we were hungry. 

All 3 of us were still hungry after that and went opposite to eat roti prata.  So…if you have a normal appetite, order the sides or the desserts (still don’t understand why Tiramisu is on the menu when it’s Italian)! Unless…you like roti prata too.

201 Victoria Street
Level 4, Bugis+
Tel: +65 6509 9411

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