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That is the bugger that has been causing me pain pre and post removal.  Maybe I should’ve taken a pic of it with my nail as reference.  It is as long and big as my thumbnail.  Yup. Big bugger.  That reddish flap? Yup…that’s part of my gum. Now I know why it hurts soooo damn much.

On Fri, it hurt to even swallow after the anesthetic wore off.  It is still swollen though. 🙁  I can’t wait to remove the stitches this Fri!!

Yes, I’ve put an ice pack against it, gargled with mouthwash etc…still swollen and painful 🙁  Good thing is that I can slurp stuff!! I prefer eating noodles to rice/ porridge because it doesn’t ‘flow’ over to the left side of my mouth.  Ah well…stupid wisdom tooth. Should be renamed as ‘idiot’ tooth.

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