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Yet another year passes and this year…I decided to do something a little bit different. I organised my own bday lunch party. I know…sounds really weird but I bought Union Jack fake nails, buntings and napkins when I was in London so…I decided to use it during my birthday.  It was that or Christmas…and somehow, Union Jack buntings don’t seem to gel with Christmas.  My guests were told of the Red, White & Blue dress code and I was very happy that most of them went with the spirit of it all!

On my nails! 🙂

Bunting and napkins!

The luncheon was held at Vineyard @ Hortpark and this is the 2nd year that I spent my birthday there. Love the food and it does help that I know the catering folks at Creative Eateries.  No food pics of my lunch this time. Was busy socialising than eating.  Seriously.

Decorating the place. The bunting is up!!

Hamming it up! HRM Ing is here…with her ‘passport’ too!

More Union Jacks!

 I was very glad that my Japanese friend managed to make it for my Birthday lunch too! He was in town for another mutual friend’s wedding which made it really convenient for him to join in for my lunch.  Sorry ladies. He’s married and has a son. 😛

The ‘cake’.

I had requested NOT to have a cake cos I’m on a diet (haha) and I honestly am not a cake person.  This was the only ‘cake’ that had a candle and I cut for that day.

 Presents time! Above are the biscuits from Ryosuke and if you’re wondering where I took the pics, I went to KTV after the lunch. Yup…I had a whole day of activities planned.  Below are the presents from my colleagues – Moscato wine, blueberry jam, body lotion and hand cream.

That black thing is EXACTLY what I wanted and needed – a new make up brush holder. YAY! My besties and some old friends got that and a headphone for me.  Below was a surprise necklace from another colleague. Thanks Mag!

Dinner was with the family at Tomo Izakaya @ Clarke Quay where my parents ordered the premium sashimi platter which had Ootoro (melts in your mouth), Salmon, Snapper, Prawn, Squid, Swordfish, Yellowtail and Scallops. YUMMEEE!

 Dessert was at TCC @ Clarke Quay!

After dinner, I went to Avalon with some friends and met up with a whole bunch of my friend’s friends. It turned into a large crowd because everyone brought friends of their own too.

I didn’t quite like Avalon despite the really good DJ.  The main reason was that the crowd was very very young and the 4 sluts dancers in their underwear gyrating to the music on stage weren’t helping.  The dance floor was filled with men facing only ONE direction. I think my Siew Mai and Mel Li were more into R&B/ Pop than House/ Trance. Ah well.  Will stick to our usual spots at Butter/ Zouk.

So yes…that’s how I spent my turning of another year older. It’ll be the last 20+ birthday!! Will be hitting the big 3-0 next year! Ahhh….not that I feel any different but I do feel like I’m in a weird crossroads of sorts, especially when more friends of mine get married and have children.  Ah well. Life still moves on.

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