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It’s back!!  The annual AFA is something that fans of anime and manga look forward to every year.  This year is no different and they’ve got quite an interesting line up of artistes performing this year.  You can check out the concerts here:

Siew Mai is trying to convince me to go for T.M. Revolution’s solo concert on Fri but I’m not a fan. I’m only interested in Flow and Lisa as these 2 really rocked the stage last year.  I’ve already decided to get the VIP 1 day ticket for Sat. If Siew Mai presents a compelling enough reason for me to join her for T.M.’s concert, I might as well get the 3-day VIP pass. Hmm…decisions. However, I don’t earn enough to indulge myself in such stuff.  Anybody kind enough to sponsor? You know that I can write copies and reviews etc. *hopeful look*

What I really don’t get is how they’re going to squeeze 5 artistes into a 4 hour show.  I’m grateful that Aniki isn’t performing this year.  I’ll puke blood and be frightfully bored while he performs with fist pumps from the otakus who decide to crawl out of their (gundam) shells just for this concert.

Tickets will be on sale this Wed! How exciting!!! Are you going to get your tickets?

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