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Again, this isn’t my cleanest work and I blame on the lilac nail polish that I used.  It’s from Etude House. Cheap @ $2.90 but it separated and didn’t mix properly after shaking it like mad.  Anyway, I decided to do a very simple design on my nails this week because this Sat is my good friend Cube’s wedding and I want to be able to remove my design easily.  I haven’t really thought of what nail design to do on Thu but I’m leaning to something a little more classic since it’s a wedding and I’ll be wearing a peach dress for most part of the day.

Anyway, back to this week’s design.  I used Etude House’s lilac and then I did a diagonal swipe with OPI white crackling.  After which I topped off with white scalloping using Face Shop’s nail dot pen.  Simple? Yes…very and good when you’re feeling uncreative but yet want something that looks a little more complicated than a single colour.

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