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Went to Bloomberg on Wednesday for their party which was to celebrate their revamped studio (for Bloomberg TV) as well as a year end gathering for clients.

Check out the customised serviettes…

Went there with 2 of my colleagues.  We marketing gals stick together – be it work or fun! 😉

Below is a Singapore Sling and I really like the brolly straw! It was the best tasting drink among the wines (not that great) and the fruit punch (too sweet). Maybe I should’ve raided their pantry for drinks instead…

A waiter had spilled red wine over my leg that evening.  Thank goodness I wasn’t wearing white trousers and I was also wearing patent leather heels! If not, I wouldn’t have had such an easy job of cleaning everything up with serviettes and the caterer would’ve gotten a dry cleaning bill. 

Above is a cute but totally useless corp gift.  Below is the entertainment for the evening which I’d like to call the Chindian band.  The music was honestly quite good!

On to the food…which was disappointing.  Bloomberg really needs to replace its caterer.  The food probably cost more than $15/person but the quality is worse than my caterers whom I only pay $5/person.

Dessert…2 out of 5 was good.  Still failed.

I quite like their gift! It’s a mug that reveals another message when you fill it up with hot water/coffee/tea. So true. Bloomberg’s on 24/7 in my office and I much prefer watching Bloomberg TV compared to CNBC. 

I’m sleepy now. I’m going. Gone.

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