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Went to Millenia Walk on Tue and I went off to have dessert (again) at this new place called Bing Bian.  I’m sure most Singaporeans, Taiwanese and Malaysians would’ve known ‘snow ice’ desserts by now.  It’s like ice cream minus all the cream and eggs.  This is similar to that but they have tons more local flavours and it doesn’t come from a single supplier in Singapore.

Above is the Coconut Affair which has a base of light coconut snow ice and topped with nata de coco, ginger snap bicuit powder and gula melaka.  How can you resist this?! It’s everything I love in a bowl.  It’s surprisingly not too sweet and it’s quite affordable at $4.90.

The first time I went to Bing Bian, I tried their Avocado Ice ($5.50) which had a base of avocado ice, topped with nata de coco, ginger snap biscuit powder and gula melaka.  Think of it as a deconstructed avocado milk shake but with fewer calories and a lot more fibre.  The staff is friendly and they allow top-ups of gula melaka if you’re dining in!

Spoke to the owner and director of Bing Bian, Gary Wong, and he said that he decided to set up this shop after eating similar desserts in Malaysia and Taiwan.  He had spent 7-8 months just doing pure R&D (as well as kitchen experiments) to come up with the various combos as well as to perfect the yuyuan balls which had to have the right texture while maintaining its taro/yam flavour.

You could tell his passion for his business as he explained to me how he felt that instead of putting the snow ice in a mountain, he opted for this everything-in-a-bowl presentation so that it’s not messy for clients and you are able to get a scoop of everything without the fear of the ice collapsing on you.  I liked how he told a staff that, “We’re selling happiness to our clients.”

Gary definitely has strong ambitions for his business as he seeks to set up 2 more stores by the end of next year.  Heard that Channel 8 has even used his Millenia Walk branch for a location shoot.  Kudos to him and his team and yes…I shall go try his dessert with the yuyuan balls one day.  Oh..if you’re not into cold desserts, don’t fear as Bing Bian also serves up the hot stuff!  They also do delivery for offices near their stores with min. order of $25.

Bing Bian
9 Raffles Boulevard
#01-105, Millenia Walk
Singapore 039596
Tel: +65 6337 1391
Mon to Sat: 11am – 9pm
Sun & PH: 11am – 8pm

1 Sophia Road
#01-39/43, Peace Centre
Singapore 228149
Tel: +65 6338 9475
Mon to Sat: 11am – 9pm
Sun & PH: 11am – 8pm

I mimicked their Avocado Ice at home and you can get my recipe here!

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