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Went to Bing Bian at Millenia Walk again yesterday with Siew Mai, and I “choped” (reserved) their last serving of yu yuan dumplings for their Taro Ice.  Thank you Gary! Helps that the owner recognised me after our last meeting.  So honoured!! 🙂

So, Gary had told me previously that his team and himself had spent 7-9 months just perfecting these yu yuan dumplings.  What are they?  They’re sweet potato and yam dumplings that are chewy and sweet.  These really are THE BOMB.  I was uber impressed with the lovely chewy texture but yet the dumplings still retained their yam and sweet potato flavours.  Those who have tried cooking these or the Hakka Abacus seed dish will know that it is soo difficult to get that balance of flour and yam/sweet potato right.

The taro ice came with ‘pearls’ or tapioca balls and because the yu yuan dumplings were perfect, it came as no surprise that the pearls were perfect too.  The only disappointment was the red beans which were not sweet enough.

Anyway, this time round, the other owner was in the shop as well. Didn’t manage to catch his name BUT he is Gary’s cousin and the way the 2 of them were jabbing each other was hilarious! Also found out to Siew Mai’s and my shock that both of them are in their 50s!! If you see Gary, you’ll understand why.  His skin is so smooth and he does not have a single strand of white hair on his head.  Jealous!! His essence of youth? Apparently, heavy drinking and smoking.  Haha. Joking. Please DO NOT do those vices.

I really love the friendly and happy vibe the shop has and besides the food, it’s really enjoyable talking to Gary and his cousin.  Would probably go there again just for the whole happy package! 🙂

I mimicked their Avocado Ice at home and you can get my recipe here!

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