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This review is kinda long overdue since I’ve been eating at Skinny Pizza since they first started. I think I’ve been to almost all their branches too so I’ll just let the food do the talking. It’s foodporn after all. 😉

Trinity of Truffle Fries, Grilled Corn on the Cob and Harissa Prawns with Couscous – $15++ for 3 sides

Grilled Figs, Walnuts and Parmesan cheese Pizza – $25++

Salami with goat cheese and pine nuts Pizza – $24++

I must say that their Truffle Fries used to be awesome but now, I think my current fave truffle fries can be found at Alley Bar.  I haven’t eaten those at PS Cafe despite raves from some friends.  The reason is simple – I think PS Cafe’s food is so-so, thus, there’s no compelling reason for me to make a special trip down to their restaurant.  I had a craving for truffle fries so bad one day that I’m tempted to make my own.  Only thing holding me back is the price tag of a bottle of Truffle Oil – $39?!?! And the bottle is anorexic. Ok…enough of my rant on truffle oil (which doesn’t even have real truffle…wait, I said that I’ll stop ranting).

Back to Skinny Pizza.  I love how I can eat the whole pizza on my own without the same guilt as regular pizza because:

  • The dough is a cracker
  • There is only 1/2 the usual amount of cheese
  • There is lots of veg
  • Everything is super fresh

Love Skinny Pizza! 🙂 I highly recommend their Veal, Squid Ink as well as the English Breakfast Pizzas.  Awesome!

Skinny Pizza
Website: http://www.skinnypizza.com.sg/locate-us-contact-us/
I highly recommend just going to their website to check out their menu and locations because they do have a few branches.

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