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Happy happy Christmas everybody!  It’s tough during this festive period to stick to any diet and it’s true…just look at what I have eaten:

Roast beef, red wine, roast chicken and chocolate pear log cake.  Forgot to take a pic of the seafood risotto that mum cooked too.  So much for no red meats, alcohol and cake.  Haha…oops. Ah well…diet regime will begin next year.  At least the amount of wheat is minimal and red wine has anti-oxidants!

Anyways, went to Midnight Mass and check out the nativity scene as well as the annual pageant depicting the birth of Christ.

My brother was blasting carols sung by the Austrian Boys Choir/ King’s College Choir and even Michael Buble before mass as well as in the car.  -_-;
Ok…given that these were TONS better than our church choir…it was a bit of an overload of sopranos singing “Joy to the world” if you know what I mean.

Anyway, Feliz Navidad peeps!! Lotsa love to one and all!!

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