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Looks like I might really end up with 3 different nail designs for Christmas!!  So Rudolf, Santa hat, candy cane, Christmas tree and Gingerbread Man had to go because the paint was chipping.  I was thinking for the longest time what design to do and then Siew Mai suggested Snowman.  Ok…why not? And I’ve been wanting to do this gradient sponge effect for a long time so I decided to do both.

Polishes & tools used:

  • OPI What’s with the cattitude (light blue)
  • Disney dark blue
  • China Glaze First Mate (dark blue)
  • White
  • Disney red
  • Face Shop nail dot pens (white & black)
  • Fasio Sparks on Nails (silver glitter)
  • make up sponge
  • brush/ dotting tool
  • cotton bud soaked with polish remover

Use the light blue as your base colour.  I then sponged 2/3 of the nail with the Disney dark blue (it’s a shade lighter than my China Glaze blue) followed by the last 1/3 nail with the China Glaze dark blue in the same manner.  I let each layer dry before doing the next.  Once all layers are dry (this should be quite fast), I painted the whole nail with the silver glitter.  Once that is dry, I used the white nail dot pen to draw snow flakes on all fingers except the thumbs.  You can vary the size and position of the snowflakes.  I drew half large flakes on some of them.

Now comes the slightly harder and tedious part.  Drawing Frosty.  I didn’t use a brush at all but you might want to, if it gives you more control.  I merely used the brush of the white nail polish to draw 2 circles for Frosty’s head and body, using my cuticle as the baseline.  If you’re doing it this way, make sure that you filter out most of the polish before drawing onto your nail.  This helps because you won’t get a blotch which will take forever to dry.

Once the white circles are half dry, I used the black nail dot pen to draw on the eyes and mouth.  Finally, using the dotting tool dipped into red nail polish, I drew on the scarf and the nose.  End it off with a top coat and viola!


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