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Got a little bored of the breakfast of bread/sandwiches/bee hoon and what not so I decided to try Potato Depot’s breakfast set.  At $6.50, it comes with 2 eggs, a chicken sausage, potato salad, baked beans and coffee/tea.  I reckon that it’s quite a good deal.

Taste test – mmm…I can’t complain because I’m basically getting a mini English breakfast set at half the price.  Chicken sausage was normal, baked beans were good (Heinz?), eggs were microwaved so don’t expect much and my tea was just a tea bag with water (what? No milk?).  Their specialty is of course, the potato so the potato salad was made with yummy Russet potatoes, cracked black pepper and mayonnaise.  I’ll just stick to their spuds next time.  Again, cannot complain for $6.50 set which kept me really full…felt full during lunch too.

Potato Depot
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