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I’ve been to Prive a few times now but I’ve never eaten there before so today, brother decided to have brunch there and I started things off with my Iced Chocolate ($11++).  It’s a little pricy but they used the actual melted chocolate and not some cheapo cocoa powder so I guess that made it slightly better.

Well, we were paying for the view which is marred by the threatening rain clouds…

Below is my Roast Beef Fettuccine with Roasted Peppers ($20++).  Loved the peppers and was disappointed that the beef was a tad dry.  The lovely peppery sauce of mustard and sour cream made up for that.

Mum ordered the Moroccan Chicken ($24++) which was served on a bed of couscous.  Mum loved the couscous and felt that it was more tasty than the one she cooked but I thought that it tasted the same.  The chicken was tender and kudos on the very distinct Moroccan flavour which was still subtle and refined at the same time.

Bro ordered the Eggs Royale ($16++) which was basically Poached eggs with smoked salmon, topped with loads of Hollandaise sauce and placed on English muffins.  The hollandaise sauce was thick and very oily but the eggs were poached to perfection.  I found it all very salty though.  I guess the rockets with the vinaigrette was meant to cut back on the salt and oil.  Gotta love a place that serves All-Day breakfast though.

For dessert, we shared the Sticky Cinnamon Pancake which is sin in a plate.  3 fluffy pancakes served with a cream cheese sauce, topped with honey comb and a side of honey.  Guaranteed to give you an immediate sugar high.  Not meant for diabetics.

After lunch, we took a walk around the Keppel Island and this is the wonderful view of the Reflections by the Bay, overlooking the marina.

Check this boat out! It has a freaking helicopter on it! Talk about rich!!

Keppel Island is a bit out of the way for those without cars and it is easy to miss the entrance but do go and try the food! Quite yums and the view’s great!

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