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Inspired by a design that I saw in NailUp, I decided to do this for Chinese New Year this year.  I also figured that it would match all the outfits that I was going to wear.  For this design, you’ll need:

  • Pale pink 
  • Silver pearl
  • Dark purple
  • Orange or Gold crystal
  • Silver crystal
  • Base and Top coats
  1. After applying your base coat, alternate your nails with the silver pearl polish and the pink polish.  I found that I needed to put on 3 coats of the silver so that I wouldn’t be able to see my natural nail colour while 2 for the pink polish will suffice
  2. Using the purple polish brush, place it on the corner of a nail bed and then turn your nail in the direction you desire.  This makes it more even than trying to turn the brush to the desired angle
  3. While the polish is still slightly wet, place as many silver crystals at the top of the nail bed for the pink nails
  4. While the purple polish is still slightly wet, place the orange/ gold crystals along the diagonal line
  5. Let the polish dry slightly before adding top coat to seal in the crystals and for the extra shine

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