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Happy New Year folks! It’s 2013 and I most certainly hope that it’ll be better than 2012.  Wishing ALL of you the best of health and wealth for the new year and even if that doesn’t come true, make lemonade with the lemons life throws at you!

I must say that my NYE was pretty uneventful as I was recovering from a food poisoning episode which caused me to hurl my guts out and I had no appetite for 1.5 days.  Ironically, it was not from food eaten at Bintan but rather, the chilli sauce from the oyster omelette that my friends and I had at East Coast Park food centre! We managed to pinpoint it down because only Moon and I ate the chilli sauce.  This resulted in me puking and Moon having diarrhoea for 1.5 days.  We’re both fine now and I really swear by ginger and honey. Nature’s medicines work wonders.

Anyway, I ushered the new year by watching back-to-back episodes of ‘Chopped’ on TV followed by the actual countdown where whatsapp messages came and went flying.  I was quite impressed by the 8min fireworks display over at Marina Bay!

After the whole fireworks, I then went back to the telly and watched ‘The Graham Norton Show’ and they had 2 episodes of ‘the best clips’ which were SOOOO funny!! I had to laugh into my pillow to prevent my laughter from waking my parents up.  Thank goodness we have BBC One Entertainment here on cable.  I think my ideal telly day would consist of:

  1. The Graham Norton Show
  2. Secret Millionaire
  3. Undercover Boss
  4. QI
  5. Big Bang Theory
  6. Modern Family
  7. Late night with Jay Leno
  8. Chopped
  9. Masterchef
  10. Some Japanese drama

Yup…I think I could watch tv shows for a living. Could someone please hire me to do so? Hehehe…
So, the bad news is that tomorrow’s a work day…which means that I’ve got to turn in early and wake up early. Such pain after 5 days of pure sleeping bliss (I’ve an app to prove that).

Once more, have a great year ahead and stay healthy!

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