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As I had mentioned in an earlier post, I went to Bintan with the besties, one of the bestie’s hubby and their baby.  It was just 2D1N so there isn’t much to say except that I will remember Bintan as the place where the livestock is tiny while the insects are huge!

Example of small livestock:

 Above and below are photos of our Ayam Penyat lunches.  That is not just the drumstick…it also includes the thigh and a bit of the breast.  Uh huh. It’s that small.

But what I do like about Bintan is its rustic nature where we managed to see hundreds or even thousands of hermit crabs while enjoying either the sunrise…

Or sunset..

If you’re wondering, we stayed at SpaVilla and the facilities are quite ok although it didn’t seem as new as it should be (opened only in Sep 2012).  Not bad for a short getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life, although you can’t escape Singapore because there are too many of us there!

I took a lot more photos that I want to post but there’s something wonky going on and I can’t seem to upload them. Ah well…another time then.

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