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The trend nowadays seem to be making fine dining cheap while cafes are making simple fare extravagant and expensive.  I’m all for affordable gourmet!! For my boss’ birthday lunch, the whole bunch of us went to Saveur at Purvis Street to sample their affordable French.

Started by 2 friends who did stints at Guy Savoy and Tetsuya in Sydney, I was really looking forward to the meal in their chic minimalist restaurant (fyi – one of their units used to be Miss Clarity Cafe).

For starters:

I ordered foie gras on a bed of lentils (S$7.90++) with sauteed pearl onions although I was very tempted to try another variation of the foie gras. It was pan fried to perfection and makes you want more!! I think I could eat another 2 more plates of that…minus the lentils and maybe skip the mains. Haha!!

One of my colleagues ordered the angel hair pasta (S$4.90++) and I was so impressed with the presentation! It’s not easy to roll pasta up like that! I must say that I was so engrossed with my foie gras that I forgot to pinch a little sample of this…so I can’t vouch for the taste.

For mains:

The gorgeous duck confit (S$10.90++) served on a bed of mashed potato, mandarin oranges and mushrooms.  The duck leg was tender and moist on the inside while the skin was crispy.  Very impressive!  For that price, I think a lot of men will be bringing their dates here…good idea, isn’t it?

Most of us ordered the duck but one colleague ordered the pan seared sea bass (S$14.90++).  He inhaled it so again, couldn’t pinch a sample but it looked really good.

Now for dessert:

Some colleagues who have been to Saveur before, raved about the chocolate mousse (S$7.90++).  It comes as a huge dollop served with chopped nuts and raspberry bits.  It is also garnished with chocolate slabs and a swab of caramel sauce.  They describe it a lot better in their menu but I’m putting my copywriter hat aside and telling you how it is.  I love how the bits of raspberry gives that acidity and cuts back on the richness of the mousse but that said, please share this dessert unless you have a huge appetite.

Now, here’s something that you MUST not share (LOL)!  Above is the Pistachio Panna Cotta (S$6.90++) and it’s gorgeous.  Smooth, creamy without being cloying, this dessert is the perfect ending to an excellent meal.  The serving size is just right so you don’t feel guilty about satisfying your sweet tooth.

I’m definitely going back there again and I want to try out all the rest of the items on their menu.  Apparently, they don’t take reservations and they only seat people if 80% or more (depending on party size) are present.  Go early and just saveur the food!

5 Purvis Street
Talib Court #01-04
Singapore 188584

Tel:  +65 6333 3121

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