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How time flies.  It seemed like only a few months ago that I attended Alistair’s 1st month party and carried him in my arms while he slept.  Now, he’s a very heavy 1 year old who is able to shake his head to say ‘no’ and will pick who to carry him. 

Part 1 of my gift to him is this frame that’s more 3D than this photo is able to show.  The photos in the middle are actually further into the frame.  This is my 1st attempt at a scrapbook-ish frame and I must say that I surprised myself! 🙂  Very pleased with it.

I even made the box for Part 2 of the gift, which is a shirt with a picture of a chimp.  Hence my note calling him my cheeky monkey, cos he IS a cheeky monkey!!

Guess the theme?  The ‘Alistair Street’ sign was made by Sing and she found the method online. Not sure which blog but I guess you can search for it.

Really cute Elmo cake made by Sing’s aunt.  The Elmo is a soft toy which is meant for Alistair to play with thereafter.

Alistair LOVED the balloons and got upset whenever someone tried to take balloons away from him.  Haha…didn’t help that my dad kept teasing him with balloons. Tsk tsk.

Man I love babies.  I want one.  But…let me get a boyfriend first.  😛  My mum had grandparent envy…hahaha…

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