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The hunt for good food seems to be a favourite past time of Singaporeans and my family.  We wanted to go to Piedra Negro at Beach Road/Haji Lane but it was closed.  Hungry, we decided to explore the cafes and restaurants near Arab Street instead.  We chanced upon Beirut Grill and decided to give it a try, especially when we found out that it was given a 4 star rating on Trip Adviser.

We ordered the appetiser platter ($22++) which consists of hummus, baba ganoush, falafel, spring roll and another eggplant thing.  Haha…sorry…bad memory.  The platter comes with 2 pieces of pita and you can order another serving of pita for $4.

My mum ordered the Seafood Platter to share and it has grilled prawns (HUGE), fried calamari that were tossed with a special sauce, pan fried fish, rice and a bell pepper salad.  The calamari was yum and the rice was very fragrant.  The fish was too salty and it was very soft too.  My bro asked whether it was cooked because the texture of the fish was a little unusually soft.  My reply is that it was soaked in brine so even if it wasn’t cooked thoroughly, it’s still edible.

Another platter that we ordered was the mixed grill, which had chicken, lamb, olive rice and grilled onions and peppers. I wasn’t impressed with this platter.  The meats were so-so while the lamb was pungent, despite all the spices. 

Although they’re called platters, the seafood and mixed grill platters seem to be more suited for 1 or 2 females with smaller stomachs.  The food wasn’t WOW but it is good enough to deserve a second visit. 

Like their Haji Lane cousins, Beirut Grill does have shishas and they also have another floor named the “Magic Carpet” where potions of alcohol are served.  You will feel as if you’re not in Singapore as there were a lot more foreigners in the restaurant than Singaporeans.  Interesting place…will visit again with my gluttonous friends!

P.S. Address can be found in the first photo.

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