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Dad decided to go to Ah Orh Seafood Restaurant as we haven’t been there for years. So here’s what we ordered:

Melon soup, which really is chicken soup cooked with wolfberries, while fungus and golden needle mushroom (?) that was double boiled in a melon.  Really good stuff and chockful of chicken and the white fungus, which is good for your lungs.

Stir fried vegetables with mushroom and dried fish – typical Teochew style.  The dried fish was not the salted kind but it added a certain smoky/bacon-like flavour while adding crunch to an otherwise semi-soggy dish.

Oh. My fave dish in Ah Orh. The oyster omelette.  The oysters are fresh, juicy and there’s LOTS of them!!

What’s Teochew cuisine without the signature steamed fish?  The stock that the fish is steamed in is a lovely broth of salted vegetable, pork and sour plum.  It is sooo good that I was busy slurping the stock.  This is when the Teochew side will rear its head and then devour the whole fish.  Muahahaha….

Anyway, I’m sure most of you would’ve read reviews on how awesome the food at Ah Orh is by now but this trip there reminded us why we only visit Ah Orh once in a bluemoon.  The cost.  The fish alone was $45 and that’s because we opted for the snapper.  Every dish is exorbitant! And you have to go to the kitchen ‘counter’ to order. With NO menu.  Ok.  Will visit Ah Orh again when somebody is feeling loaded and wants super good Teochew food.  Otherwise, there’s this other place in Joo Chiat…

Ah Orh
115 Jalan Bukit Merah
Singapore 160115
Tel: +65 6275 7575

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