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For dinner, we walked back to the park with the cherry blossoms as our concierge highly recommended us to view the sakura in both day and night light.

View of the river bank with all the food stalls

View of Osaka Castle from the bridge

Night food fest – ON!

My crepe on a chopstick with cheese – tasted like okonomiyaki
Siew Mai’s Negi hashimaki

We ate the most incredible BBQ tuna at the amazing price of JPY500/stick.  The tuna was fully cooked but the pieces were moist and just lightly salted.  LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

Another skewered item that I loved was the Shio-tan…or salted beef tongue.  They were sooooo good.  Nice mix between chewy and tender bits.  This is just street food!!!  It only cost JPY500/stick! Nomnomnomnomnom…the stall had pork and steak too but we were focused only on the tongue. Yum.

After our chomp fest, we went back to the park to view the blossoms once more but this time, in the night.  Noticed that there were a lot more Japanese this time whereas the afternoon had a lot more tourists.

The wind blew which caused a lot of flowers to drop from the trees.  Picked them up and made my own sakura poof ball.  Needless to say, they’re now dried and with me! 🙂 Makes for good scrap-booking (another new addiction of mine).

So what do you think?  Do the cherry blossoms look different under the night light?  I think that it would’ve been a lot more awesome if they had used mellow lights rather than some of the floodlights and the coloured lights. 

Back in our hotel…

There’s a boulangerie named after me in Osaka!!

Above is our breakfast plus drinking party snacks for the night.  Just the 2 of us!  I think it’s a lot whereas Siew Mai thinks that it’s little. 

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