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I plan events for a living so planning my mum’s semi-surprise 60th Birthday Party was a bit of a walk in the park.

First – the presents! I created a scrapbook where I instructed everyone to think of their favourite memory of my mum and to then write it down.  I included really old photos inside so that it fit the theme of ‘Walking Down Memory Lane’. There was a floral theme going on as well!  The other present that I arranged was for my Dad to give to my mum.  I ordered tulips from Sing and then got Dad to pay…so it’s from him.  The bouquet is below…

Second – decorations! I ordered balloons to decorate our estate’s multi-purpose rooms.  Below is the balloon bouquet, which comes with a weight.  I believe I only paid about $20 for it as it was on offer.

I also ordered the ‘normal’ type of balloons in various pastel colours because Mum likes pastel colours.  Each cost me only $0.80, including the helium.  All balloons were ordered from Harvest Well.

I also bought a nice pink chequered plastic table cloth and a ‘Happy Birthday’ sign for the designated gift table.

Third – what’s a party without party favours?  Inside these bags are chatek, white rabbit candy, Ferrero Rocher chocolates and the old-balloon blowing thing.  All are super cheap, especially when you hit the party shops located at the back street of Bugis+.

Above, my cousins are busy writing their notes and cracking their brains.  Fourth is food!! Below is the spread of Peranakan food, which we ordered from Chilli Padi.  I would’ve preferred another Peranakan caterer but…budget!!!

Peach buns from Crystal Jade! 

Younger cousins, who have never played chatek, getting a ‘kick’ out of it.  Pardon the pun. Ahem.

Overall, we all had fun and it was one of the rare birthday celebrations where my uncles and my mum’s friends joined.  As such, there was a lot of catching up while swapping stories about what happened in the past (yup, the key was the photos).  I wish I could’ve taken a photo of the cake with my phone but my aunt from the US facetimed me throughout the whole party.  Bro took some photos but…he’s notoriously slow in uploading his photos.  I’ll definitely update this post once I manage to get my hands on that photo. 

This year will be a milestone for my mum and I in terms of age.  Interestingly enough, this year is the only year where I’m exactly half her age! Oops…I just revealed my age.  Parties…parties…such fun! I suspect that I’ll be planning my own party this year. Again. 😛

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