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I booked the private room of Majestic Bay restaurant at Gardens By The Bay for a company event and I also pre-ordered the menu blind.  Meaning that I’ve never tried the food there before but just trusted that it will be good because it’s under the whole Majestic Restaurant group.

Our meal began with starters of crispy fish skin, black fungus with wasabi dressing, fried homemade tofu with pork floss and cucumber with grapes in Kyoto dressing.  The fish skin was super crispy and not oily, I loved the tofu and I was pleasantly surprised by the grapes and cucumber because when you read it in the menu, it naturally makes you go, “Huh? Really?”  I didn’t really touch the fungus as I detest wasabi but I took a nibble just out of curiosity.  I must say that the wasabi taste was very subtle and doesn’t overpower any other flavours on this dish…but still, it’s wasabi.

Next up was the soup.  OMG.  I LOVE this soup.  It’s a chicken broth with bamboo pith and mushrooms, slowly recooked in this whole young coconut.  As such, it’s savoury but yet has a light refreshing coconut taste at the end.  I loved it so much that I was busy scraping the flesh of the coconut.   DEFINITELY a must-try!

Third course was crispy catch of the day, Thai style.  Nothing spectacular there but it’s a nice in-betweener since it’s still tropical.

Now, getting back to China on your tastebuds is the above poached luffa vegetable/gourd in superior stock.  Why is it called superior? Presence of dried scallops! I call this dish the – let’s try to get some veg in.

Look at that.

Look at it again.  That’s Majestic Bay’s signature coffee crab.  Coffee you squeak?  Yes…coffee.  Just like coffee ribs, these crabs are cooked and smeared with fragrant, caramel, buttery coffee sauce.  The sauce lightly coats the crab and it comes with the final touch of being flambéed in front of you.  If I didn’t have guests, I would’ve dug into a whole crab myself.  It’s THAT yum.  If they told me that they have pork ribs in that same coffee sauce, I’m sold!

After devouring the crabs, we went onto the staples which was mee sua cooked with baby abalone.  I liked how the portion was just nice and you didn’t feel like you had to force yourself to eat this bowl of noodles.

Dessert was a simple affair of mango puree with chendol bits and pomelo pulp.  Great way to end a great meal.

Thank goodness I cut back by 1 (or was it 2?) dish…so the above 7 course-meal was just perfect.  Not too filling and not too little.  As we were a large group of 14 pax, I had asked the wait staff to portion out the food but I’ve seen the other tables getting similar dishes presented in spectacular ways.  So, I highly recommend going to Majestic Bay at least once and don’t be ashamed about whipping out your camera/ phone to take gorgeous foodporn dish after dish! 😉

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