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 Lookie…my new toy from eBay has arrived!  Know what that is? They’re nail soakers, usually used for soaking acrylic nails but I’ve seen online that it’s good for removing glitter polishes too.  So, here goes…

Soaked my nails which had glitter nail polish and a sticker.  After about 30 seconds…

I wasn’t too impressed with the results as seen above but perhaps it’s because I didn’t use pure acetone.  That said, the glitter was a lot easier to remove than using the usual nail polish remover + cotton pads.  I’ll definitely continue using these nail soakers when I’ve got glitter polish on.  I might even try putting some moisturiser inside to soak my fingers!

This week, I tried nail stickers as I’ve read so many reviews about how great this new item is. Most raved about how it helps give you an instant manicure without the struggle of polishes.  Below is the white and gold lace design that I bought for $9.90 from Watson’s.

Verdict?  It was relatively easy to apply and easier than some other stickers to file off.  What I didn’t like was the overall effect.  My nails are too curved for these stickers so there were bumps and crimps on ALL the sides of my nails.  This made the whole thing really rough and allowed water to seep inside.  I can easily peel them off after the 1st day as a result.

Nice idea (just like those eye shadow pads) but not quite the same as getting a traditional manicure or nail art.  I’m tempted to get more stickers cos of the designs but then again, with all these bumps, I’m not going to do so.  Sorry…back to my nail polishes.

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