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Saw a similar design in NailUp magazine so I decided to replicate it.  All I can say is that…this design only looks good on my left hand since I’m right handed.  😛

You’ll need:

  • base coat
  • french or pastel pink nail polish
  • pink glitter (preferably a darker shade of pink) polish
  • black polish
  • black nail art pen
  • pastel pink nail art pen (alternatively, I used white)
  • 2 Large pink crystals
  • 4 Small pink crystals
  • fast drying top coat

It’s relatively easy as the problem really lies in drawing the lace hearts.  Here’s how you do it:

  1. Paint all nails with base coat.  Followed by black on thumbnails. I find that 3 coats of black is good because dark polishes tend to show the streaks.
  2. Paint the pastel pink on your index, fourth and pinkie nails.  I did 2 coats but you can do more if you don’t really like seeing the whites of your nails.
  3. Paint the pink glitter polish on the middle finger.  Do it until it covers nicely and then place a large pink crystal at a side (as above).
  4. With your black nail dot pen, draw 2 dots on your index and pinkie.  Alternatively, place black crystals.  I don’t have black crystals so this is a cheap way to have the same effect.
  5. Using the black nail dot pen, draw a small heart at the side of your nail.  This will be the centre of your 1st lace heart.  Do note that this small heart must hit the side of your nail.
  6. Draw a larger heart around this heart and then link this to the small heart with lines.  
  7. Draw scallops at the edge of the large heart.
  8. Place a small pink crystal in the middle of this heart.
  9. On the opposite side of the nail, draw one side of a heart. This heart should be about half the size of the heart you’ve just drawn.
  10. Draw lines within the heart to a ‘centre’ which should be on the side of your nail as well.
  11. Draw the scallops again on the edge of this smaller heart.
  12. Complete the nail with small hearts and dots to fill the extra space.
  13. Repeat steps 5 to 12 but with the pastel pink or white nail art pen instead.
  14. Once every thing is dry, seal in the design with a layer of top coat

I tried to use a dotting tool to draw the hearts but because you do need fine lines, I suggest using a fine brush if you do not have a nail art pen.  I really do love this design (except for my thumb, which I fudged up) and it reminds me of my favourite Sentimental Circus! 🙂

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