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After our Pocari Sweat 10 km run, my friends and I had already arranged to meet up with 2 more friends at Toby’s Estate for brunch.

My twin ordered her skinny latte and Toby’s is supposed to be famous for their coffees.

The coffee was strong, which is the way twin likes her coffee.  I don’t drink coffee but it smelt really good.  I’ll just take hers and another friend’s words that the coffee was excellent.

Y ordered the “Peasant Eggs” breakfast which is scrambled eggs with chorizo sausage, sauteed mushrooms, tomato sauce and red peppers – all with toasted brioche.  I tried some of the chorizo and scrambled eggs.  They were quite good and is just the thing you’d want after a run.

I ordered the “Toby’s Breakfast” which is a platter of either scrambled or poached eggs with espresso maple bacon, sauteed mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and toasted brioche.  I love the truffle oil on the mushrooms!! The bacon was good too.  It was not too salty but I was really trying to taste the espresso and maple but to no avail.  I wonder why they had to use the stripey bacon and not the less sinful cut?  My poached eggs came overcooked.  So did my twin’s and others.  Yes, I was looking around. Poached eggs aren’t that difficult to cook and you can read how I poached my eggs successfully here.

The decor of Toby’s Estate Cafe is industrial but yet cosy.  They have a main communal table which made dining quite interesting.  All of us felt like we weren’t in Singapore and it’s probably because there were a lot of foreigners having brunch there.  They’re really popular on weekends and although we were there at 10am, it was packed!  We had no choice but to sit at the counter, facing the window.  Well, at least we had a view of the Singapore River while eating our brunch.

I would bring my family here just to try out their coffee and maybe some other dishes that they have.  I find it quite interesting that they only serve dinner on Thu to Sat but close at 9pm.  Other days, they close at 5pm.  They’re really a coffee house!

Toby’s Estate Cafe
8 Rodyk Street

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