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After having visited a few brunch spots in Singapore, I reckon its time to make a comparison study and make a personal recommendation on where you can get the best breakfast grub in Singapore!  Cafes/ Restaurants in the running are:

  • Barossa @ Holland Village
  • Spruce @ Upper Bukit Timah, Old Fire House
  • Toby’s Estate @ River View
  • Parco Caffe @ the old Gan Eng Seng School
  • Prive @ Keppel Island

As tempted as I am to bring out a table (which I think is fair) I shan’t because I’m too lazy to type the html for a table.  Anyhows, let’s try to compare ‘apples’ to ‘apples’ or in this case, it would be eggs to eggs as well sausages, price and drinks.  Eggs are VERY important in one’s brunch and I’m only a scrambled or poached eggs kind of girl so that’s what we’re going to compare first.


For poached eggs – Prive, Spruce, Parco and Barossa passed the test.  Their eggs were not sour from the added vinegar in the water and they didn’t over cook the yolk.  However, Parco Caffe’s one was the most sour and it’s most definitely NOT from the balsamic vinegar dressing at the side.

For scrambled eggs – Toby’s and Barossa had the best ones.  Spruce’s scrambled eggs were well seasoned but overcooked.

Choice of sides
I do not need a photo to just tell you that Barossa wins this hands down.  Although the breakfast menu is short, you just order their breakfast set which has EVERYTHING you want in a brunch:

  • choice of eggs
  • focaccia toast
  • 2 types of sausages
  • roasted tomatoes
  • salad
  • baked beans
  • smoked salmon
  • mushrooms or garlic spinach
  • choice of beverage

That said, Prive had the best smoked salmon.  It was not too salty and they were rather generous with the serving.  Too bad the Hollandaise sauce is too oily and sometimes, overpowers the salmon.  Special mention – I liked that Parco went off the traditional route and had salmon tartare and avocado!

Toby’s had the best sauteed mushrooms which they drizzle truffle oil with.

Best sausages…it’s a tie between Toby’s and Spruce.  The chorizo served at Toby’s is savoury and packs that smoky spice while Spruce’s cumberland was hearty and filled with solid meat.


SUPER yummy pancakes from Prive.  What an unbelievably wonderful way to get on a sugar high!  I have no idea how they do it but the pancakes are light and fluffy and the decadence of the sauce!!! *drool* 

I love them all! Hahaha…well, go to Prive once just to eat next to the sea and if you want to feel like you’re hob nobbing with the wealthy; Spruce and Toby’s for that modern but yet industrial feel; Parco for that slightly whimisical (if you’re in the small ‘private’ room) feel or sleek modern in their main dining hall or Barossa for that pub feel.  Most family friendly would be Parco Caffe as they have a large play area for children and when I went there the last time, they had a blown up air castle for children to bounce around in.

Value for money
Barossa.  For S$25++ (if I remember right), you get sooo much food! And a drink.  Great thing about the branch at Holland Village is that it’s relatively quiet on a Sunday afternoon so you can lounge around and if you’re up to it, order a beer after brunch.  Only problem after is finding a comfy spot to snooze.

Overall Champ
*Drumroll* And the winner is….BAROSSA!! They did everything right! The price, the done-ness of the eggs and the variety on the plate.  Only sad thing is that they don’t do pancakes.  For that…go to Prive!

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