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You are looking at appetisers buffet part 1 of Siew Mai and myself.  List of the sides available:

  • chawanmushi (steamed egg)
  • chasoba with creamed fish sauce 
  • edamame with shrimp
  • broccoli and okra in seaweed broth
  • braised eggplant
  • vegetable chips
  • roasted sweet potato
  • sweet potato salad
  • boiled gyoza
  • mixed vegetables in cheese fondue
  • braised fish in cream sauce
  • onion steak (no beef…the onion was the steak)
  • stewed vegetables in a wasabi sauce  

Where is this wonderful place that gives you a buffet spread of yummy sides when you order a set meal?  It’s called Hifumi and we tried out the food at their latest branch at the refurbished ‘Dining Room’ section of Marina Square, opened only on 1 July.

I ordered their normal Pork Tonkatsu set (S$13.99++) while Siew Mai ordered the Miso Tonkatsu (S$14.99++) where the sauce had the distinctive miso flavour without it being too overpowering.  I would be super happy just eating this crispy porky goodness with the miso soup and rice.  It was honestly good on its own!

The set meals come in a neat tray which reminded me of the breakfast food trays in Japan where you get a bowl of steaming rice, a slice of super salty grilled fish and miso soup…in a standard overnight hotel for drunk/hardworking businessmen.  

The sesame pestle was so cute that it deserved its own photo!  It’s an actual tree branch!! It just makes me feel good about being earthy (all puns intended) while grinding the sesame to top my rice.  Siew Mai sprinkled her sesame over her katsu.

Thirsty?  Top off your meal with refillable drinks at S$1.99++.

Like the price, Hifumi in general makes you feel like you’re paying good value for your meal and you will most definitely leave feeling full.  It’s not pretentious, neither is it utilitarian.  It’s just good Japanese food at a reasonable price!  Love it!

6 Marina Boulevard
#02-106A Marina Square
Tel: +65 6337 4721

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