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Met up with a couple of ex-colleagues for brunch at Spruce, specifically the one at the old fire station along Upper Bukit Timah.  I never knew about this place but one of my friends (ex-colleague) keeps passing by this particular branch (the other one is at Phoenix Park, Tanglin) whenever she takes the bus towards Bukit Timah.

The restaurant takes up the old fire station where the fire engines were parked so the high ceiling and large floor to ceiling windows gave the place a very spacious and chic feeling.  The wooden floors gave it a modern but yet earthy tone which contrasted with the bright red “doors” and black furniture.  I’m already liking this. 🙂

But the mood was killed slightly when it took us asking the wait staff 3 times before someone came to take our order.  Also, a few wait staff kept knocking into my friend’s baby’s highchair!

I ordered the British Brekkie (S$19++) as well their signature iced lychee tea (S$7++).  It does seem rather ‘British’ minus the black pudding (disappointment to me).  So, it’s a plate of eggs (choose from scrambled, poached or sunny side up), bacon, cumberland sausage, baked beans, sauteed mushrooms, grilled tomatoes and focaccia toast.

Taste test time.  Overall, I was rather disappointed.  In my opinion, it’s just 1 point above Toby’s Estate (read about my review on Toby’s here).  Again, my eggs were overcooked.  Although they were scrambled, it was overdone and reminded me of a posher version of Mac’s scrambled eggs.  But they did do my friend’s poached eggs perfectly!  The dish holding the baked beans can only be described as a sauce plate.  Very shallow. The mushrooms? Too little! Focaccia toast? Not. More like normal white bread.  Redeeming parts: the sausage and the bacon.


I could cook this easily.  I’ll charge people S$15 only ok?  I’ll even douse the mushrooms with truffle oil like what Toby’s did to their sauteed mushrooms. Only catch is that my cafe is my home.  LOL.

My friend and I were looking at all the other dishes that went to the other tables.  The burger looks good as well as the Spruce Signature Steak Benny (S$31++) which comes with a nice piece of steak.  Hmm…

Kudos goes to the uber friendly waiter who spoilt the toddler by giving him not one, but TWO plates of cookies!! Service also seemed to pick up only when it was past noon.  Overall, the good company definitely outweighed the disappointment in the food because we felt that we didn’t order a dish that was too difficult to cook but…alas, it could’ve been better.  Especially at $19++.  The location of Spruce definitely works on their side because it’s really cool and allows all the Bukit Timah folks a nice place to brunch at.  I might just got to the Phoenix Park branch and order the steak dish.  But…Lenas has Wagyu Ribeye at S$38++ too.  Choices, choices…

Spruce At Fire Station
260 Upper Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 588213
Tel: +65 6466 5582

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