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I was talking to my colleague and I can’t remember how we got onto the topic of clubbing but I mentioned that everytime I club, something happens to me.  I can sum up how some typical characters in a club result in my clubbing adventures:

1. Jumpers
You know these folks.  They’re the ones who get so high that they start jumping to the music while pumping their fists up in the air.  I can completely understand how they are feeding off the adrenaline rush, especially with rockin’ live bands.

However, in a packed club, jumpers are damn irritating because they will bump into you/ crush your toes/ jab you with their fists or elbows.  Happened to me one night at China One.

2. Drink-in-hand dancers
Cocktail being held in one hand, these ‘dancers’ just want to be in the gyrating crowd but can’t really dance.  So, they must look like they’re doing something.  Hence the drink.  Seriously…PLEASE DO NOT HOLD A DRINK WHILE DANCING! Not only will you get showers of alcohol, sometimes, ice from the glass falls onto the dance floor which is a dangerous object that melts into a slippery puddle.

3. Back grinders
Men are normally the ones guilty of this.  I’ve been a victim of this twice when these men just grab my waist from the back and start grinding on me.  Ewwwww….
One of them was worse than the other because he refused to let go when I tried to pry his fingers off, followed by my girlfriends pulling me towards them.  He only went away when my male friend tapped on back-grinder’s shoulder.  WTH. -_-

4. Ladies with large handbangs
Clubbing with normal sized bags is an absolute no-no.  Please leave them bags in the lockers provided in all clubs.  Firstly, it’s way uncool to club with said handbag.  What’s even MORE uncool is slapping everyone around you with the bag.  Makes me wanna rip your handbag off your shoulder and chuck it onto the floor where the puddle from drink-in-hand dancer is.

5. Bollywood dancers wannabe
Characterised by flailing arms, large circular movements and basically, taking up too much space on the dance floor – these Bollywood dancers wannabes are almost like the combination of the jumpers and ladies with large handbags.  Their obliviousness to the other humans around them result in body harm because their arms will hit you in the face/ back of the head OR they can slam into you when they’re trying to widen their dancing space.  Again, not cool.

Nonetheless, I still enjoy going clubbing once in a while.  I like just hanging loose and have a bit of workout from dancing.  Below is a very interesting documentary on clubbing’s impact in society.  It’s really fascinating and I highly recommend watching it if you can spare 1.5 hours!

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