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Please note that I did not eat both pastries in the same day. Despite my self-love on my rolls, I am trying to reduce them…so these 2 were eaten on separate days but I decided to post them in 1 posting since it is about Tiong Bahru Bakery.

I have eaten an uber expensive sandwich from Tiong Bahru Bakery last year and you can read about it here.  This time round, I’m going to focus on 2 desserts that I had.

First up is their Millefeuille Marron Casis (S$7).

Layers of flaky pastry filled with chestnut cream and what looks like blueberry jam.  Sounds and looks good, doesn’t it? I love chestnut cream so I was a tad disappointed that the jam overpowered the chestnut, although I think the jam was to add in some acid to take away the creaminess of the chestnut.  Thus, I can’t really fault the filling.  What was the disappointing factor in this dessert is the pastry.  I don’t know whether it’s this batch but it tasted almost over baked.  Bordered between crispy goodness and burnt.  Needless to say, I didn’t eat half of the pastry.

Another colleague has turned into an ex-colleague and as a farewell gift, she bought us pastry from Tiong Bahru Bakery.  My request was for their Almond Croissant (S$3.80).

Now…THIS was excellent!  It’s a croissant that has met melon-pan/roti-boy but is in all its almond glory.  Sweet but not cloying, the croissant is filled with an almond paste that for once, I did not dislike.  I must say that the croissant itself is slightly different from the traditional ones that you get from Delifrance (for example) but this is really quite yummy.  Oh no…beware fat rolls! Stay away!!

Tiong Bahru Bakery
56 Eng Hoon St
Singapore 160056

252 North Bridge Road
#B1-11/12 Raffles City
Singapore 179103


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