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Today was freebie galore for me. 🙂
Firstly, I had signed up for SKII’s party so we had a door gift of the oil cleanser, UV sunscreen and a tube of Facial Treatment Vit C.  I was expecting a full-on party with a talk and/or food, I was sorely disappointed as the section was crowded and the staff looked visibly harassed.  Siew Mai and I walked on after receiving our door gifts, which took some time in the first place because our names didn’t appear on the guest list despite me receiving a confirmation text message.

So, not wanting to experience the mad shoppers at the SKII counter, Siew Mai and I walked on and spotted Aveda where they were giving out free hand massages.  In we went and received a very decent hand scrub and massage.  We were introduced to their roller ball massage tube too.  I also tried their curling conditioner as well as their hair tonic.  I was sold and we ended up spending enough to get me a complimentary Tangs member card and therefore, a free tube of Tom Ford lipstick!

After making payment at Aveda, we walked past Khiel’s and decided to do their consultation and get samples! Horrible me managed to score more freebie samples but I was assured that I’ll get a follow-up call in 2 weeks.  Please forget about calling me.  I do use Khiel’s products but I’d rather buy them from the US because it’s much less expensive.  Anyway, the branch at CK Tangs has a photobooth and of course, we just HAD to take photos.

Goes to show that you can shop for free at times but in my case, I did buy quite a bit…but I think I got just as much freebies as my actual purchases.  Score!

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