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I seldom give films high praise but ‘Now You See Me’ deserves 2 thumbs up/ 5 popcorns out of 10/ whatever scale you want to use!

This movie is not as widely publicised or marketed as other films, which is a shame considering that the cast is rather star studded and the acting was superb.

We have Mark Ruffalo acting as FBI agent Dylan Rhodes, Morgan Freeman as Thaddeus Bradley who exposes magicians for a living, Isla Fisher as Henley Reeves, Woody Harrelson as Merritt McKinney, Jesse Eisenberg (of ‘The Social Network’ fame, having played Mark Kuckerberg) as Daniel Atlas, and Dave Franco (James’ younger brother) as Jack Wilder.  Not to mention the brilliant cameo (of sorts) by Michael Caine.

So, the plot begins with the ‘Four Horsemen’ that is made up of Daniel (Eisenberg), Henley (Fisher), Merritt (Harrelson) and Jack (Franco) and they got onto the FBI’s radar when it seems like they robbed a Parisian bank during one of their magic shows in Las Vegas.  This turns into a cat and mouse game between the FBI agents, with the aid of a French interpol agent, and the horsemen.  Thrown into this mix is Thaddeus, who tries to expose the Four Horsemen’s tricks for his DVD but also tries to seemingly help the FBI although it seems more like Thaddeus is more interested in the ‘grand finale’ that the Four Horsemen are about to pull off.  It is the ultimate battle of wits and game of deception under the guise of…wait for it…magic.

I love how this movie gave you enough so that you know the general storyline but still leaves enough room for you to guess and wow you in the end.  Love the twists and turns, which in turn gives you that same feeling when you were 8 years old and watching magic shows – a sense of wonder and mystery.

Excellent film and GO WATCH IT before it closes!!

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