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Last Sunday was my parents’ 35th wedding anniversary and they celebrated in style at Marina Bay Sands (MBS) for a 1 night staycation.  It started off with the whole family having lunch at Carnivore where we stuffed ourselves with lots of meat! Yes…we’re absolutely carnivorous!! LOL.  After lunch was the check-in!

 This is the view of the Tower 1 artwork from the 7th floor.  My idea of an artistic mess and yes, this is with a filter.

 I wanted to take a photo of the whole room and my parents insisted on being in the bed.  Mum smiling (naturally for a photo) while dad pretended to snore.  Yup…that’s my parents for you.

Check out the posh loo! Only design flaw is that the shower will cause a wet mess within that whole cubicle. Didn’t make much sense to us.

Below: view from the balcony…looking at the Gardens by the Bay as well as the ECP expressway.

After lazing around for a bit, all of us went up to the Skypark Pool! Yes…I finally get to see the famous infinity pool!!

I didn’t go into the pool because I was feeling super self-conscious plus I had gone for IPL earlier that day, which meant…no swimming!  Nonetheless, I was the designated photographer for my bro and mum who did go into the pool.

Overall, it was a shame that the day was cloudy and rainy.  Which resulted in the general greyness of the whole landscape.  It was fun to see the whole CBD (my office block included) from a bird’s eye pov and infinity pools are tons of fun in the visual sense.

Nonetheless, I could not shake off the feeling that this whole experience is more suited for couples than families.  The hip soundtrack playing in the background reminded me of Cafe Del Mar albeit the more R&B/Hip Hop version.  This is further solidified by the romping couples where the girls are all in their bikini glory (damn…I need to lose more weight) but the guys are letting it all hang out.  This pool isn’t really for swimming.  It’s more for that photo op, the cool factor (you can sip a cocktail by the pool) and just being seen.  I love the towel concierge, didn’t care much for the distinct smell of algae/moss meets chlorine and bro complained that the toilets aren’t big enough (only 4 cubicles).

Now, I just need to find a special someone and then go there with him on a nice sunny weekday.  Less people in the pool please.

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