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Siew Mai and I met up for dinner at Salt Tapas & Bar last Wednesday because I read in an email/article by HoneyCombers that Salt has a ladies special where ladies get a free cocktail for each tapas ordered.

Alas, the promotion was over AND we just missed their Happy Hour (ends at 7pm).  Nonetheless, the grub there is good and they change their menu regularly!  I should know since this is my 2nd time there.  You can read about my first visit here.

Above is their Tuna Sashimi Pizza (S$23++) which has avocado and a wasabi mayo dressing.  It was really tiny (7 inches?) but it was good, although I had to scrape away the wasabi dressing.

Below is their Haloumi (S$13++) which was very good!  Meant really for the vegetarians or those who really like Middle Eastern flavours.

These adorable Pork Belly Sliders (S$18++) were very tasty and reminded me of the Vietnamese Bahn Mi although the sliders have softer buns. 

In my hunger, I forgot to take photos of the truffle parmesan fries (S$10++) and the Meatballs with mash potatoes (S$18++).  The truffle fries were very very good!! They used fresh shaved Parmesan cheese instead of the powdered version and when the bowl of fries are placed in front of you, the smells of pungent cheese and truffle simply permeates the air.

As for the meatballs, it was a bit disappointing in terms of taste.  In fact, the mash was the one that stole our palates.  It is the BEST mash I’ve eaten so far.  Buttery and smooth, what else can you ask for in a mash?

Once more, both of us got a shock at the bill.  This little bit of food plus a beer and rootbeer caused us over $96…Sigh, my wallet becomes lighter.  At least the food is good!

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