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If you’ve followed by blog regularly, you would’ve read how I fell in love with l’entrecote steak in London.  I was so thrilled when I read that the restaurant L’entrecote opened in Singapore and guess what they serve?  Muahaha…the entrecote steak of course!

Popularised in Paris, this steak is famous for coming sliced and topped with their signature butter sauce as well as with free flow of shoe string fries.  Meat and potatoes…perfect combination!

So, I went to the recently opened L’Entrecote restaurant at Suntec City.  I was there at 6pm and was the first customer.  I liked how they tried to mimic the tight, small Parisian cafe feel by placing tables really close to each other and they’re normally meant for 2 pax and they’ll only join them up if you have a larger party.

Because we’re Asian, the steak comes in 3 sizes:

  • Light       S$19.90++
  • Regular   S$29.90++
  • Large      S$36++

I went for the regular serving, which comes with a salad.  I was so worried that it’ll come with some horse radish dressing like the one in London but thank goodness that it was just a simple vinaigrette.  The steak then came, in 1 serving, unlike in London where they split it into 2 servings so that your meat is always warm.  That’s the thing.  My steak towards the end of the meal was cold.  And I didn’t really like the steak sauce.  It was too sour.  Thank goodness there are fries to eat, which got cold pretty fast too.  But at least they have chilli and ketchup!

My friend ordered the salted caramel lava cake with vanilla ice cream (S$16++) and it was soooo good.  Sorry, no photos because I was too busy eating.  The sad thing is that if we had ordered it 10 minutes earlier, it would have only been S$8++ as per the promotion (all desserts at S$8 from 3-6pm).  On the upside, we each got a free glass of wine as is what each patron gets when they dine from 6pm onwards.  Funnily, we had to ask for the wine because we saw everyone getting a glass but we didn’t!

I’m half-hearted towards L’Entrecote.  I miss Le Relais de Venise in London despite the curt French attitude and long queue. The food there is better to a certain extent.  Don’t get me wrong.  The steak in L’Entrecote was done very well.  Just that the sauce was a bit lacking and I would’ve preferred if the steak was served twice so that half of my plate was not cold.  Ditto the fries. 

Suntec City Mall, #B1-128/9 (Next to Food Republic)

36 Duxton Hill

L’Entrecote Express
Pacific Plaza, #01-04/05/06

Website: www.lentrecote.sg

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