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Lo hei! Huat ah!! That above, my non-Singaporean friends, is a plate that you’ll see often in Singapore just before and during the Lunar New Year.  It’s a salad of grated radish, pickled ginger, carrot, sesame seeds, crushed peanuts, pomelo pulp, crispy crackers and topped with a sweet plum sauce, vegetable oil, five spice powder and what we all love…slices of raw fish.

Why is there a photo of this Lo hei/ Yu sheng? My dad’s side of the family had our reunion dinner last Sat at Keng Eng Kee (aka my neighbour’s zi char stall) and the first mandatory dish was the Yu Sheng.  Golden crispy crackers to symbolise gold-paved paths in our lives, sweet plum sauce so that our lives are sweet and fish to symbolise abundance in wealth in our lives.  In true Singapore fashion, you’re supposed to toss it high up with chopsticks while saying auspicious idioms.

Highlights of some of the other dishes that we had

 There was too much starch in the Shark’s Fin Soup. Disappointed.

 Sliced abalone with mushrooms and veg! Yums…

 Oh…I love the Marmite Ribs.  The bottom is the lotus leaf rice which was the best dish thus far.

With the cousins.  Not all of my cousins were there. If the whole brood were there, we’d need another table.  Which might’ve been a good idea since we had to squeeze 11pax into mine.

When I reached home, the Lunar New Year spirit was catching onto me and I had to decorate the house some how.

I made paper plum/cherry blossoms and I’ll definitely take some photos of all the other decorations that I’ve done.  I even bought a Japanese New Year mochi cake with a plastic horse for the Lunar New Year.  Haha…I’m the interior decorator of the family!!

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