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*Clears throat* Ladies and gentlemen…yours truly went to a proper recording studio for the 2nd time (1st time was for the choir in Primary school) in her life so far to do a voice recording for a video ad which will be out next week! Super excited about the video!!

It was strange to hear my voice but it was an easy process for me where I did it in 2 takes.  I’m extending my 15 minutes of fame!! This time, with my voice! LOL. I’ll post the YouTube video of the ad next week, once the editing is done. 

Loved the cosy studio of Voices For Hire and it’s really very reasonably priced at @$80/hour. As impressive they are on how all of them are former/current DJs, I was more charmed by the resident cats.

That’s playful Usher who is lying on the CEO’s chair like a boss!  There are so many other cats and they’re all named after celebrities or Royalty.  After my recording, while waiting for my colleagues, I just went cat-mobbing.  In other words, playing and chasing after the cats.  There is a room in the office JUST for them!!  For that, I’m glad that I recorded my lines first.  Had more time to just play around with them felines.  Definitely beats being behind the desk and doing actual work! Haha…

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