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It first started with this:

I was trying out something really bling and was a variation of a design that I saw in a magazine.  Alas, there was a lot of bling and too little time.  In other words, I didn’t wait long enough for the inner layers to dry before hopping off to the shower.  So most of those bling you see were DESTROYED.  🙁

Thus, I had to endure a day of bad nails (haha…bad nail day) until I reached home this evening to redo my nails.  I was inspired by a screen used during a bedroom scene of the play “Fat Pig” which I watched with the girls and Chow.

Sorry for the blur shot because I took the photo while lying in bed and groggy from sleep.  Anyway, it was a bit Japanese and I quite like the criss-cross design.  Too bad I do not have a brush or striper to draw cleaner lines. Perhaps I need to invest in either. So proud of my handiwork!

Now…what design shall I do next?

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