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Decided to do something really cute after CNY and went for this Kitty design! The original by +elleandish // Janelle used grey for the cat, which I don’t have so I substituted it with brown.  On hindsight, I should’ve used white for the eyes as well so that it’s more visible.  Also, I should’ve used a lighter background for the pinky so that the blue mouse will be more obvious.  Alas, what’s done is done.

I didn’t use any paint brushes and only relied on my nail art pens as well as dotting tools to do this design.  So, you can just rely on those tools.  If you don’t have a dotting tool, simply take a bobby pin and poke it into the rubber end of a pencil.  Tada…homemade dotting tool.

I’ve been itching to do a dripping design (similar to what I did for Siew Mai) but I can’t decide whether to do it as chocolate strawberries or sundaes or just dripping paint.  The choices…

If you notice, I didn’t do any heart-shaped design for Valentines’ Day because (at the risk of sounding like sour grapes), I do not have a date for Vday and I think that it has become over commercialised.  Nonetheless, I am tempted to bake cupcakes and give it out to colleagues and friends as friendship presents.  However, baking takes time and energy – both of which I’d rather reserve for sleep/reading/finishing up on my crochet project/playing with my dog.

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