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Through my friends, I heard about Genki Sushi’s new interesting way of delivering food to your table and I finally had the chance to experience it!

I’d like to call the bullet train (shinkansen) used here the sushi-kansen. They also have the F1 car version…so would that be called the F(ood)1 service?

Ok, enough with the puns. I think that this is an excellent marketing gimmick that endears Genki Sushi to the patrons, makes an excellent talking point which serves as a Word-of-mouth advertising, reduces their salary overheads AND reduces food wastage since they only prepare food that is ordered instead of rotating sushi on a conveyor belt.

Of course, it does help that the food is really fresh and delicious too! Be careful, you will over order just so as to see the sushi-kansen come and go and it really doesn’t seem expensive when each sushi is from S$2.90++ onwards. But as we all know, it adds up. So, watch your budget! That said, bring your children. They’ll have a ball of a time seeing their food coming to them via a train/car. Adults will love it too!

I really should’ve done Genki Sushi a bit more credit by taking photos of the food but I was really hungry that day so…alas, I was more thrilled about the train than anything else when it came to taking photos/videos.

Genki has really taken technology into their stride by making you order through their iPad minis which, interestingly enough, isn’t locked to some contraption on the table. Love their trust. Either that or they have staff with keen eyes who will spot if you ‘accidentally’ bring it out. I’m sure there are CCTVs strewn around the restaurant too.

Genki Sushi
Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road #03-32
Singapore 238896

Chinatown Point
133 New Bridge Road #02-33
Singapore 059413

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