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That, my friends, is Beef Fajitas (S$20.90++) from newly established New York Grand Kitchen (NYGK) located at Suntec City Fountain.

How did I chance upon this place? Well, I actually wanted to go to Peroni for their $14.90++ set lunch but the queue was too long so my colleague and I just went to the nearest empty place. Was a little hesitant because the natural reaction would be, empty = lousy. But I made an excuse for them. There wasn’t a queue possibly because they’re so understaffed during lunch that you’re not met at the entrance within 2 minutes. We stayed and managed to grab a table with no fuss.

With the name “New York” in it, one can’t help but think of burgers and chips. However, it seems like the menu is filled with their signature Rotisserie Chicken (2 pages no less) but alas, I couldn’t taste it as it was so popular that I would’ve needed to wait 25 minutes for the next batch. Other stuff on their menu? Fajitas, Gumbo Rice and sandwiches. The menu is really more Cajun than New York. Maybe they should rename themselves to “Louisiana Grand Kitchen”? I’m still annoyed that the banners outside mentioned pasta but they don’t have pasta in the menu. -_- False advertising. So, I decided to order their Beef Fajitas.

What I liked about NYGK is the starter/dessert buffet or what they prefer to call the ‘deli section’. To me, the deli is where you go and buy breads and cold cuts. Ok, back to the food. They have yummy soups (had a choice between mushroom egg soup and spiced tomato chicken soup) and quite a tasty range of salads (really liked the pumpkin bean salad). Interestingly, they also had nachos with a salsa dip. Your choice of dessert would only be fruit and chocolate chip muffins. They also have croissants, which I felt was a little odd to go with the soups but I guess, whatever goes?

I also liked the Andy Warhol artwork decorating the walls in the large, semi-loft-like feel to the restaurant. So thumbs up on the decor and ambience. 

So, the fajitas. Messy dish that I regret eating while wearing a white dress as sauce from the onions, sour cream and salsa dripped on my skirt. But that said, I loved the caramelised onions as well as the beans. Wished there was guacamole though. The beef was tender and I didn’t have to chew it out when wrapped with the tortilla skin, so that was very good. Was it worth $20.90++ though? Not really. I could’ve gone to Ashton’s to get a decent piece of steak at that price. But of course, I was in directly paying for the buffet so I can’t really complain.

They really need to increase their wait staff during lunch. I don’t know how they’re able to cope with both inside and outside dining areas. At least they have the buffet table to ease up on diners’ expectation on service as water, cutlery and serviettes are all self-serve. Makes me then wonder why am I paying 10% service charge. Hmm….

Would I go back again? Maybe. Just to try their Rotisserie Chicken (S$14.90++ for 1/4; S$16.90++ for 1/2).

New York Grand Kitchen
3 Temasek Boulevard
Suntec City, #B1-133
Tel no.: +65 6336 6129
Opening hours: 10:00 – 22:00 daily

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