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I had a craving for beef. I think it’s because it’s the time of the month and I need more iron. Plus, I haven’t had a good piece of steak for ages. Thus, the family got dragged along with my craving to The Chop House, a restaurant under the Wooloomooloo group, where they serve up quality Australian beef at lower prices compared to their mother restaurant. Strangely, when we called, they said that they don’t take reservations but their website states otherwise.

Anyway, I like the decor of The Chop House, which is modern with a rustic twist and has a semi-communal feel with the large tables that remind me a little of park benches. There are quite a lot of details to take in like the lights on the ceiling that spell out “The Chop House”, which I absolutely love.

Actual view from where I was seated

Flipped it for easy reading 😉

Now, that’s a proper steak knife! But of course, if you don’t order steak, they do have chicken and pasta as well. Oh…if you like your beef between 2 slices of bread, they’ve got a wide array of sandwiches and burgers too.

Onto the food. My bro ordered Caesar Salad (I forgot the price) to share and 3 of us ordered the same thing: Beef Tenderloin (200gm at S$25.90++).

That’s my mum attacking the Caesar Salad while I was taking a photo of the food. I was really impressed that their dressing had actual anchovies in it. It was pureed smoothly but the taste of it was a real treat for those of you who can stand the stronger stuff. All Caesar salad dressings contain anchovies but The Chop House’s dressing has a stronger taste of it.

Here’s my steak in all its glory on top of sauteed spinach, a potato sweetcorn cake and topped with their signature caper peppercorn sauce.

I was very pleased with my steak. It was cooked exactly how I ordered it – Medium Rare and it was juicy as well as tender. The sauce was ok but I wasn’t thrilled with the potato cake. It was slightly sour, which I think didn’t go well with the steak. My bro and I finished the onion jam that was given to us as a condiment instead. May I suggest just serving this with a whole side of onion jam? 😀

Overall, I enjoyed my steak and I think I will go back again to fulfil more beef cravings. Nonetheless, I do wish that they gave us the freedom to choose the sides (no more potato cakes) and more onion jam!

The Chop House
1 Harbourfront Walk
#01-161-162 VivoCity
Singapore 098585

Tel:  +65 6376 9262

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