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I’m more than a week late in blogging this and it’s because I’ve been caught up in finishing my kdramas, had a high fever on Wed and was also busy cleaning my room. Anyway, I went to this year’s Affordable Art Fair held last Fri-Sun, thanks to a pair of complimentary tickets given to me by old friends who I got to know 7 years ago when they started off as my caterer.

Walked in to receive a complimentary glass of wine, which was really nice but then, it fueled the ‘heat’ because Ming and I walked all the way from Esplanade to the F1 Pit, where the event was held at.

The first thing we saw when we walked into the air-conditioned area was Andy Warhol’s banana! Bugaboo took that as a motif and made a baby stroller out of it.

Just to give you a taste of what we saw that day:

 Clay shoes!

I was a bit disturbed by the bear above, which was made with My Little Ponies. Freaky. To me at least.

Darth Vader wears Chanel, apparently. LOL.

Honestly, I didn’t feel that the art featured was affordable at all. The cheapest artwork I saw had a price tag of S$700! When this was first held in Singapore 4 years ago, the cheapest work was around S$140. What happened to that? Also, I noticed that most of the exhibitors were established galleries. Hmm…I thought that one of the objectives of Affordable Art Fair was to have a platform for upcoming and/or unknown artists to be able to showcase their works.

Nonetheless, it was still a fun event as I do enjoy looking at different artwork in a short span of time without having to travel a long way. Also, as it’s contemporary art, I viewed each artwork with the simple perspective of “Do I like it or not?”. Will I go next year? Only if I manage to score a complimentary pair of tickets again.

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