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We finally went to Canton Paradise as a family for dim sum, although it wasn’t quite planned that way. From the top right in a clockwise manner, we ordered their signature crispy char siew (barbequed pork) bun, steamed chicken feet and prawn dumplings (ha kao).

The crispy char siew bun was a hybrid of bo luo bread with steamed bun filled with mashed up char siew. You don’t get minced char siew, but mashed up char siew. Almost like the char siew was a stew to begin with. Hmm…not sure whether I like this but it’s interesting. This made me wonder how their plate of char siew would taste like. It is supposed to be one of their signature dishes and reviews were raving about the char siew.

The chicken feet and prawn dumplings were ok. That being said…it means that they tasted the way they should! LOL.

We really ordered quite a lot of food. There was XLB, crispy yam dumplings (sorry but Royal China’s version is better), steamed pork ribs with black beans (again, Royal China’s version is better), chee cheong fun with prawns (Royal China’s version was smoother and softer), Liu Sha Bun and much more. Now…guess what I’m going to say next. Yep, Royal China’s version of the flowing custard bun is much much better. Why? Canton Paradise’s custard was good but the bun was waaay too thick. Made you sick of eating the bun after the first one, which you don’t want to do!

However, we did order a prawn and scallop dumpling which was really good! Too bad they ran out of Kampong Chicken when we went there, if not, I’ll then be able to give you a better review of their signature dish.

Price-wise, it’s the same range as Crystal Jade and Royal China but I couldn’t help but feel that Royal China gave better value due to the quality of the food.

Canton Paradise

460 Alexandra Road
#02-30, PSA Building (Alexandra Retail Centre)
Singapore 119963
Tel: 6274 0644
Fax: 6274 1694

Business Hours
Mon – Fri 
11.00am-3.30pm (last order at 3pm)
5.30pm-9.30pm (last order at 9pm)

Sat, Sun & PH 
10.30am – 9.30pm (last order at 9pm)

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