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I realise that I’ve got a penchant for pink nails this month and I don’t know why…hmm…

First up is my simple but very blinged out nails:

 It was glitter galore as I used coats of different types of glitter. The glitter base is OPI pink shimmer and I then layered it with larger silver glitter as well as The Face Shop white speckled polish. Added large and small crystals to my thumb and index finger to finish the look. Simple and very long lasting! I had this nail design on for 2 weeks before I decided to change to the following:

Yes, more glitter on my ring finger and it’s Ciete’s mix of small blue and larger dark pink glitter. I painted my nail a shiny grey first before I added the glitter polish so that this will make the glitter more dense and stand out.

The feathers on my index were handpainted by moi using a nail dot pen by The Face Shop. I love these nail dot pens. If you don’t have one, simply draw the feathered strokes with a toothpick.

I can’t decide what design to do next. I’m a little bored with the designs that I see in some books (the ones that I like are too complicated for me) as well as with those that I see on YouTube. Any suggestions?

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