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My friend shared this link via Facebook and I when I read the article, my thoughts came out in the following order:

  1. Men are such pigs
  2. That’s why I refuse to download WeChat
  3. The article has a lot of grammatical errors…gahhh….
  4. Why do men cheat? Are their wives not having sex with them or they just enjoy the thrill of having affairs/the forbidden fruit?
  5. It takes 2 hands to clap. If women aren’t putting out that easily, these men wouldn’t be able to have affairs so easily.
  6. Who said Singaporeans aren’t having sex?
  7. The article seriously needs a lot of editing
  8. I’m quite sure married women are doing the same
  9. Why do these people bother to marry if they’re going to cheat? Can a psychologist explain this to me?
  10. Where are the good men in Singapore?
  11. This kinda reminds me of Paktor (another app that is a lot like Tinder)

I can understand the thrill of new relationships and how tempting it is to have flings with no strings attached. However, if you’re married, think about your whole family. It’s not just your spouse who is affected. I’ve met a young man of 25 and he has little respect for his dad because he saw his father parading his girlfriends in a flashy sportscar while still married. Imagine how your affairs will affect your children, if any.

I’m not condemning anyone who have had affairs but just remember your vows and do the right thing. For us singles, I just hope that we’ll find spouses who will love us enough to remain faithful…unless you’re into polyamourous relationships, then…uh…that’s your thing.

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