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Trying out more nail stamping and trying to get the hang of it. I have to remind myself that my nails are very curved so I can’t just roll it sideways, I have to remember to roll it downwards too. Anyway, I’m rather pleased with this monochromatic theme of dark and light blue. Instead of using the ring finger as the accent nail, I went with the pinky and used my Alice In Wonderland OPI glitter! I think I may need to purchase nail gloves because it’s quite hard to clean the stamps with nail polish remover while trying to ensure that I don’t clean off the polish on my nails. It’s an art, I tell you.

Oh…let me reiterate. Those are my REAL nails. I’ve been asked several times by even my own Auntie whether these are my real nails. Yes, they are. I do not have extensions on or false nails glued on. They’re real.

Sephora is evil. They made me buy S$70 worth of of Ciate nail polishes. 6 mini ones that come in Tree Trinkets and 3 regular ones in fabulous summer shades. The mini ones were on sale. Seriously. Some friends of mine should expect to get a tree trinket from me for Christmas. Haha. I do like shopping for Christmas gifts early. I can’t wait to try out the new polishes BUT…I must construct my new container to hold my polishes. Yup, I’m horrible…I’ve managed to stuff the toolbox till it’s too full. In my defence, that toolbox isn’t large enough for most tools. It’s more suitable for sewing kits or medical stuff. Uh huh. It’s a multi-purpose box.

Anyway, there are quite a few designs that I’ve seen that I may want to try out but they’ll have to wait till I’m back from my trip to Krabi! 🙂 

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