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Moon and I were very lucky to be 2 of the 100 selected to win invites to Cosmopolitan Singapore’s 3rd Anniversary Bash yesterday, where they celebrated Fun Fearless Fabulous (females)!

Doors to F-Club were supposed to be open at 7.30pm for registration but they didn’t really open up till 8pm. We arrived at about 7.45pm to see a long snaking queue and we had to get in line. Thankfully there was a roving hunk and FFF Cosmo photog to entertain us with Polaroids and chocolates!

Cool thing is that with the hashtag #CosmoFFF2014, we had our Instagram photos printed out inside the event space!

Instead of your usual wristbands, each of us were given a paper DKNY watch band! Really quite cool in terms of marketing because this highlights DKNY’s signature timepiece for this season while making the attendees really remember about DKNY’s branding.

As you can see from the photo above, the space was pretty packed. One of the organisers said that there was a limit of 300 pax within the F-Club and it certainly felt like the place was maxed out.

Really liked the DKNY catcher booths (there were 2!) and we wanted to try our luck but the queues were too long and I had NO patience to queue although we had free flow of Somerby’s Cider (yum!).

For food, it was only a dessert table that had these really cute red velvet cakes with the Cosmo logo on white chocolate discs. Below is a meringue flower on a stick that was really cute too! Pardon the really crappy photo because I was walking and taking the photo – all done in low light.

After jostling with the crowd for about 20 minutes, my stomach said, “You need real food instead of just booze and sugar. The crowd’s suffocating too.” Thus, Moon and I walked out with our goodie bags and headed over to Liang Court for dinner/supper!

I must say that I’m terribly impressed with the goodie bag! Check out the loot:

Items inside were:

  • Kellogg’s cornflakes
  • DKNY bangle
  • Asience Shampoo & Conditioner
  • ZA BB cream and cleansing oil
  • The Natural Confectionery Sours
  • Kao Steam Eye mask
  • $50 watch voucher
  • $10 hair voucher
  • $50 Spa Voucher
  • Flight 001 kit containing:
    • 2 travel tags
    • laundry soap sheets
    • body cleansing sheets
    • combination lock
  • Lush shower gel
  • SheShops discount voucher
  • Latest edition of Cosmopolitan magazine

I won’t be using this because I’m trying to save $$, hope that you guys will benefit from this instead! Go ahead and use the discount code but do remember that it expires on 31 Oct 2014!

It generally was a fun event but it was just too crowded for my liking. The ZA cosmetics were just placed on the bar tables and it was a shame that it was too noisy and crowded for people to just play around with them or talk to the ZA staff. The free flow of cider was EXCELLENT and of course, the games were a fantastic idea. I also like the printing of photos through the hashtag. All in all, it was great to celebrate everything that’s Fun, Fearless and Fabulous!

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